Diamond Shape Collection - Fancy Cut Diamond Ring

" Since the establishment of I-PRIMO, the quality of 58 facet Round Billiant Cut diamond has been highly praised. Fancy Cut Diamonds are now available at I-PRIMO with the most popular Heart Shape and Princess Cut Diamonds, in the quality specially for bridal in terms of grading and asethetics of shape."

The Type of Shape

Round Brilliant Cut

The most popular and timeless Round Brilliant Cut diamonds are carefully selected only with 3 Excellent HEART & CUPID, which is the highest cut grading. It is what I-PRIMO has always insisted with high quality standard and a promising brilliance from inside out.

Heart Shape Cut

The Heart Shape diamonds provided by I-PRIMO have a moderately rounded and soft form and sophisticatedly balanced, giving a sense of maturity and cuteness. It is rare to find bridal standard high quality heart shape diamonds."

※Heart Shape Cut is only applicable to the following three engagement ring designs: Sirius, Stella, Twinkle.

Princess Cut

As the name suggests, the square shaped Princess Cut diamond is famous for its elegance. The appearance of modern fashion style and its noble and profound brilliance are fascinating. For the diamonds of this series, I-PRIMO strictly selects the diamonds closest to a square shape with the highest standards of aesthetics. "

※Princess Cut is only applicable to the following two engagement ring designs: Sirius, Stella.

Beyond the 4C

"4C", which is the basic evaluation standard for diamonds. At I-PRIMO, we are particular about the reliable origin and the beauty of the rough stones, and set strict original standards. We carefully select the highest standards of brilliance suitable for once-in-a-lifetime bridal jewelry.


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