Eternity Ring

Eternity rings are fully encased with glittering diamonds and are symbolic of “eternity”. It is deemed perfectly ideal as engagement rings or marriage rings.

Eternity Ring




Simplicity is style.
The sparkling diamonds lighten up the beautiful future of the couple.

“Vestalis” is the priestess of goddess Vesta, who protects sacred fire. Each diamond was set carefully ensuring full sparkles like a beam of light. It is a design full of feminine beauty.



Beautiful diamonds twrinkle all along the ring, an eternity ring that is always trendy and glamorous.

Named after the godness of brightness in the Greek mythology, the wedding ring “Phaenna” paved set with beautiful diamonds along the ring, full of brilliance.The straight ring band that is simple, stylish and timeless.


トリトーネ DR15

Wavy band ring with channel set diamonds, a design that makes fingers looking slim and long.

The sparkling diamonds on the wavy band ring likes the glare of sunlight on the sea. Borrowing the name from the god of sea, this is an eternity ring that gives blessings to the couple.


About Eternity Ring

Eternity means “unending time” so the entire ring is designed to be filled with diamonds with the identical cut and size. In such wraparound and uninterrupted design that surrounds the ring, it shows the symbol of “eternal love”. Rings fully encased with diamonds are referred to as “Full Eternity Ring” while those encased in half are referred to as “Half Eternity Ring”.


I-PRIMO Eternity Ring

I-PRIMO eternity rings is all about the quality of diamonds. To craft premium quality eternity rings, the prerequisite is to utilize beautiful diamonds consistent in size and quality. Via the exquisite selection by our I-PRIMO procurement specialists, eternity rings are crafted with top-notch diamonds of premium quality. Either taken as engagement rings or marriage rings, they are ideal to wear on any occasion, embellishing your life with a touch of dazzle. Eternity rings, a symbol of the love of the two till eternity, possess the trustworthy quality.


Beyond the 4C

I-PRIMO is the expert of diamonds.

4C, the appraisal standard of diamonds, is based on such four criteria as carat, color, clarity and cut, but the beauty and the value of diamonds cannot be judged only with said criteria. The diamond wedding ring specialty store I-PRIMO sets our own series of stringent standards, insisting on the beauty of rough diamonds and reliable origin. Among gorgeous diamonds that could make people fall in love at the first sight, we exquisitely select the most radiant one that matches your once-in-a-lifetime engagement ring.


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