How to choose

As the wedding ring is to be worn every day for years to come, It is essential
to find the perfect ring that truly fits you.

Even if you don’t know which style of ring suits you,
you are welcome to visit I-PRIMO, the brand that specializes in diamond wedding rings. Please let our ring consultants recommend the ring that best suits you.

Hold on to Three Key Elements
when finding the wedding ring that is truly yours. How to choose

The ring flatters your hand. Understand Your Own Hand Features

Finger Length And Girth
This will influence the choice of width and line of the ring. For example, people with longer fingers are suited for wider rings.
For people with wider knuckles, the ring will spin and move around at the base of their fingers. Therefore, extra attention must be paid on the style of the ring chosen.
Finger Web
Wider finger webs will cause the ring to tilt. A wavy style design is recommended in this situation.
The Size of the Hand
This will influence the choice of the ring width. Big hand size is often very noticeable. Therefore, wearing a ring with a more tangible width can balance the proportion.
Skin Tone
Platinum color generally brings out the skin complexion. However, yellow gold ring style is also recommended for people with a more yellowish skin tone.

The coordination of details is very important. In addition to the size of the hand and the length and thickness of the fingers, it is also necessary to pay attention to the webs between the fingers.

Which ring is suitable for my hand?

A. If your fingers are short and your hands are small

the following are the ring styles that suit you!

〇 Thin, wavy lines

〇 Slender V-shaped outline

〇 Rounded and narrow band

We recommend the wavy or V-shaped line styles which will make the finger appear longer and slimmer. The appropriate ring widths are narrow to standard (under 2.5mm). If you choose a wider ring, the ring will cover a lot of the finger, making the finger appear thicker and shorter.

B. If your hand is lean and angular

the following are the ring styles that suit you!

〇 Styles with designs covering the whole band.

〇 A wider ring that is proportional to the hand.

〇 Particularly unique and extravagant styles are also advisable

We recommend choosing the wider ring styles to match the length proportion of the finger. For people with wider knuckles, styles with no decoration, or ring styles with encased diamonds or bead set border decoration will be a better option, since those design can make us ignore the concern of ring spinning at the base of the finger.

C. If you have the common conical shaped fingers

the following are the ring styles that suit you!

〇 The wavy styles that solve tilting problem.

〇 Styles with looser fit that won’t squeeze the skin.

〇 A standard ring width that makes the finger appear proportionally balanced.

For fingers that get thicker from tip to base, the ring will easily put pressure on the skin when worn, making the outline of the finger less defined. This won’t be an issue if you choose a wavy ring, which also remove the problem of ring tilting due to a wide finger webs. This style of ring is comfortable and versatile. The standard ring width of 2.5 to 3mm makes the most balanced finger proportion.

Pick the ring that you “like.” Confirm your preferences.

Wedding rings are accessories that are worn every day. We suggest that you choose in consideration of your everyday style. For example, your habits regarding accessories, the style of clothing you like, as well as your ideal appearance after marriage, etc. Truly understand your own personal preferences on the accessories and the image that you want to present before you choose your ring, so you will find the ring that truly reflects yourself.

What type of ring
is suitable for my preferred clothing style?

A. Sophisticated and Formal

The ring styles for you are as follows!

〇 Simple design.

〇 Classic and straight-line style.

〇 Elegant eternity rings are also recommended.

We recommend the styles that radiate elegance in a simple design. Classic and straight-line styles over heavily embellished rings . Exquisite and graceful rings like the eternity ring are also suitable for you.

B. Delicate and Feminine

The ring styles for you are as follows!

〇 Tender and beautiful wavy rings.

〇 Embellished with melee diamonds.

〇 A rounded shape.

We recommend the design that has a rounded shape. Compared to the sharp and straight-line style, the mild, gentle and wavy style is more ideal. A ring embellished with melee diamonds also reflect femininity, which would truly be suitable for you.

C. Simple and Casual

The ring styles for you are as follows!

〇 Classic and straight-line style.

〇 Less embellishment such as diamonds.

〇 Matte finish and two-tone rings are also recommended.

The classic and straight-line style with less embellishment should provide a more comfortable wear. Thinner band rings are low profile and can be worn anywhere. If you wish to have a slightly more unique design, you can also go for the matte finish that mutes the metallic luster, or the two-tone rings consisting of different metal combinations.

Select a ring that is “Easy to Wear” Imagine living with a ring

Different living styles will dictate what kind of rings is easier to wear for the individual. Since the ring would be worn anytime anywhere, please try to recall your daily routine. A few examples are workplace atmosphere, whether the ring will be taken off while doing chores or while taking care of children, and the chances of doing heavy labor. However, if you will only be wearing the wedding ring for special occasions, you may focus mainly on your personal preferences.

What style of ring will suit my lifestyle?

A. Wear to work without worry.

The ring styles for you are as follows!

〇 Simple and straight-line style.

〇 Fewer melee diamonds.

〇 Design with half of the band embellished.

If you wish to wear the ring freely as you please, we recommend a simple and smooth design. If you favor a fancier design, you can also choose a ring with only half of the band embellished. When you are at work, you can turn it so that the non-embellished side faces up.

B. Comfortable while doing chores or taking care of children.

The ring styles for you are as follows!

〇 The ring styles for you are as follows!

〇 The ring styles for you are as follows!

〇 The ring styles for you are as follows!

The ring styles for you are as follows!

C. The ring styles for you are as follows!

The ring styles for you are as follows!

〇 Standard to wide rings.

〇 Forged rings with high strength.

〇 Styles with embedded gemstones.

The ring styles for you are as follows!


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