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Every diamond is one-of-a-kind and infinitely precious.
Give the love of your life the necklace customized with diamonds you select. Be it the number of diamonds, clarity, cut or the prong for encasing and the chain design, you can mix and match to your heart's content.

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Whatever the occasion, or even after decades, the diamond necklace can still be your daily essential and keeps you company every day. We believe that you’ll also be touched by such eternal beauty.


Customers who can’t wear a ring due to work or giving up on purchasing an engagement ring can choose to customize a necklace instead, so it can be worn all the time at work. In addition, we recommend those who aren’t used to wearing rings or barely wear them have them crafted into necklaces.


Whether it’s a T-shirt or a jumper dress, a simple customized diamond necklace goes perfect with any outfit. The point is the beauty of diamonds itself and that’s why you can carry it around wherever you go for any occasion.


The love between the two is truly special, and the unique character exclusive to you deserves to be cherished anytime, just like the custom-made diamond necklace that makes the gem sparkling on the chest. What goodwill would you entrust with this free and beautiful selection?


Diamonds are a symbol of “passionate love” and “pure love”. I-PRIMO only adopts the highest grade of “3 Excellent HEART & CUPID” when applying the 58-facet round brilliant-cut, which is highly regarded as unleashing the most beautiful brilliance out of diamonds. As an expert in diamonds, we stringently scrutinize the origin and quality of the stone right from the start, and only provide the purest conflict-free diamonds.

※Fancy cut and part of products are not included.

Diamond Shape

Fancy cut diamonds include the popular “heart cut” and “princess cut”. We will appraise the quality of wedding jewelry with the taste of aesthetics as a specialty store and only sell the products that received recognition.

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Among a wide variety of diamonds nourished by the Earth over a long period of time, you can select the one endeared to you, and decide the style of design for the virtuoso artisans to craft the one-and-only necklace with diligence step by step. Our products are different from finished ones in show case. The quality of diamonds, the hard work and time that the craftsman put in, or the one true love in the world, all can be made into a piece of necklace. If you want to put on a unique diamond necklace with everlasting sparkling brilliance on the chest of your significant other, the mix-and-match custom service of I-PRIMO is definitely something you can’t miss.



Please select the one you favor at will ranging from the exquisitely selected “3 Excellent HEART & CUPID” round brilliant cut diamonds to fancy cut diamonds. I-PRIMO also offers selections such as the scarce diamonds and pink diamonds mined in Russia.



You can give out your unique creativity via claws, prongs and 12 other pendants. Materials can be selected from 3 options- platinum, gold and rose gold.

※Fancy cut diamonds are not eligible for prongs and pendants selection.



To exhibit the beauty of diamonds to the maximum, the types, width and length of the chain shall be carefully selected. Materials can be selected from 3 options- platinum, gold and rose gold.


The sample shown in the image is just an example.
You can be sure to find the one-and-only engagement ring that is exclusive to YOU by using custom mix-and-match service of I-PRIMO.


Walk-in customers are welcome. We recommend reservation to prevent waiting during rush hours to ensure better service and will assist you to choose your once-in-a-lifetime dream wedding ring.