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Three new gorgeous solitaire engagement rings,
featuring excellent brilliant diamonds
that are as sparkling as the brightest star in
the night sky.

  • altair
  • altair
  • altair

Engagement Ring Altair

This gleaming and classic solitaire ring is a perfect testimony of the lifetime commitment. Gracefully designed, the engagement ring is a combination of luxurious and playful in style.

Pt950 0.25ct~

Altair, also called Alpha Aquilae, is one of the brightest stars in the night sky. Inspired by the excellent gleams of the star, this classic design allows its diamond to shine in its fullness with six prongs that slightly uplifted the diamond from the band to allow maximum light passing through. The rounded ring band looks cute and lovely.

  • antiare
  • antiare
  • antiare

Engagement Ring Antiare

This attractive solitaire ring gleams up everyday life your loved one, a beautiful ring that you never want to take your eyes away from it.

Pt950 0.25ct~

The cute and little four-prong design have immensely merged with the ring band making it a perfect daily accessory. The carefully selected diamond has been elegantly set to ensure its shininess that reminds of Antares, the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpius.

  • arrioph
  • arrioph
  • arrioph

Engagement Ring Arrioph

This alluring solitaire is inspired by the image of pure and faultless angel wings that brings in happiness. A slim engagement ring is perfect for mix-and-match.

Pt950 0.25ct~

The beautifully polished wavy band makes the fingers looking slim and long. The alluring diamond has been set nicely on the band and at the same time shines like the brightest star in the constellation of Cygnus. A perfect design for daily wear.

About Solitaire

Glamour of single diamond

  • This solitaire collection highlights the excellent
    sparkles of the diamond itself in every ring.
    Detailed craftsmanship and careful selection of diamond
    are the key to ensure the luster of an solitaire ring.

  • Solitaire

    Demand of excellence

    I-PRIMO insists excellent quality and
    it is the reason we impose stringent standards on diamond selection.

    The excellent brilliance of every diamond in our solitaire
    collection is the good example of our high quality standard.
    Every stunning diamond in this new collection has been set
    carefully with detailed craftsmanship and heartfelt creativity to
    ensure each diamond shining on its fullness at every angle.


Excellent quality is what we insist

I-PRIMO imposes stringent standards on diamond selection for every single jewelry piece.

Only Excellent Cut diamonds
will be used

We only use round shape brilliant
cut excellent grade diamonds in our
jewelry pieces. The radiance of a
diamond depends more on cut than
any other 4C factors.


Platinum Pt950

We use platinum (Pt950, 95% of
pure platinum) in our engagement
rings and wedding rings ollections.


Our standard to the side stones
with less than 1mm in diameter.

We see the importance even for
the side stones with less
than 1mm diameter. Only
Hearts and Arrows diamonds are
chosen as they are cut in ideal
proportion with eight hearts eight
arrows for its excellent radiance.



Walk-in customers are welcome. We recommend reservation to prevent waiting during rush hours to ensure better service and will assist you to choose your once-in-a-lifetime dream wedding ring.

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